AR/VR solutions
Redefining immersion
AAC | Redefining immersion
Sensory experiences are crucial in the future world where virtuality merges with reality and smart interaction prevails: vocal, visual, and tactile communication will sit at the heart of the AR/VR experience. AAC provides multiple solutions for AR/VR, creating unique sensory experiences for this new form of interaction that connects the physical and digital worlds.
Image Capture System
See-through waveguide technique
Pancake optical solution
Premium images
Thinner lenses
Sound Playback System
High-performance linear speaker
Spatial audio technology
Haptic System
High-quality linear actuator
Algorithm tuning
Improved operation efficiency
Diversified content interactions
Haptics for accessibility
Sound Pickup System
High SNR microphones
Microphone array
Stereo pickup
AR/VR solutions
Image Capture System
The high-performance see-through lens solution integrates Dispelix’s special waveguide technology that uses a single glass element, and excels in thickness, weight, cost, image quality, and clarity. The Pancake optical solution ensures a smaller size while capturing superior images. The WLG-based glass-plastic hybrid lens module enables the camera module and micro-display collimation system to deliver stable optical performance even at high temperatures.
Cooperation Cases
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