Smart automotive solutions
Next-gen super-sensory cockpits
Automotive sensing solutions: AAC's smart sensing and interaction solutions for cockpits
Underpinned by cutting-edge sensory technology, the in-car experience is morphing into something revolutionary. As a veteran solutions provider in the field of consumer electronic components with 30 years of R&D under our belts, we bring our customers an interconnected and immersive real-time experience in the intelligent automotive domain.
Audio System
Multi-speaker array
Surround sound
Software tuning
Haptic System
Built-in haptic solution
Safety warnings
Basic interaction
Entertainment interaction
Sound Pickup System
Voice interaction
Multi-area handsfree communication
Voice commands
Automatic noise cancellation
Image Capture System
HD optical lenses
LiDAR components
Software solutions
Smart automotive solutions
Audio System
Our integrated software and miniature components forge the audio experience that you want: personalized, immersive, and premium.
Cooperation Cases
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