Smartphone solutions
Innovating smartphones to unleash your senses
AAC | Innovating smartphones to unleash your senses
AAC unleashes the senses of smartphone users by making reality visible, audible, and touchable. AAC's multiple experience-based solutions enable smart devices to restore true sound, create an immersive haptic experience, and truthfully record clear images and stereo sound.
Sound Playback System
High-performance linear speaker
Speaker array
Original NLC algorithm
Haptic System
High-quality linear actuator
Algorithm tuning
Improved operation efficiency
Diversified content interactions
Haptics for accessibility
Sound Pickup System
High SNR microphones
Microphone array
Noise suppression
Stereo sound pickup
Image Capture System
High-definition optical lenses and modules
Software solutions
Reliable, incredible imaging experience
Internal and External Structural System
Sophisticated metal frames and back panels
Liquid cooling system
Antennas made with different processes for multiple standards
Smartphone solutions
Sound Playback System
Master-level linear speakers, coupled with the AME technology, enable high excursion and high volume in a small cavity. The full-band quadruple stereo solution brings immersive experiences beyond expectations. On top of that, the globally exclusive NLC algorithm precisely models the superimposed control signal to restore the original sound.
Cooperation Cases
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