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A leading provider of sensory experience solutions
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AAC Technologies is a leading provider of sensory experience solutions with the goal of building the future of interactive sensory technologies. Through continuous innovation and global presence, we have established long-term strategic partnerships with global smart device clients. We have strong capabilities in Acoustics, Optics, Haptics, Sensor and Semiconductor, and Precision Manufacturing based on decades of industry experience. AAC Technologies’ mission is to create a better sensory experience for the world, and our vision is to become a global leader in sensory technology with a broad solution portfolio. We keep innovating sensory technologies to create new interaction experiences. In the future, we will focus our efforts on the industries of smartphones, intelligent vehicles, virtual reality, augmented reality, and smart homes to help create a new era of sensory experience. By virtue of our outstanding track record and leading manufacturing capabilities, we have been awarded a series of milestone honors in recent years, including “Forbes Asia's 50 Best Big Public Companies”, the “Most Honored Company” by Institutional Investor, and the “China Digital Economy Industry Best Practices” by APEC.
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Enabling the Ecosystem
Focusing on Innovation
The Beginning
  • Reached strategic partnership with Dispelix, a global leader in waveguide display technologies, marking AAC’s official entry into the fields of augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality.
  • Launched the next-generation “Master-Level Speaker” that revolutionizes the essential technologies in all aspects
  • The top filer of PCT international patent applications among manufacturing enterprises in China, with 771 published international patents.
  • Premier Li Keqiang visited AAC Nanning, encouraging the company to step op efforts on domestic manufacturing of acoustic products
  • Formed strategic partnership with the Lidar pioneer Ibeo, marking AAC’s official entry into the automotive industry.
  • Signed strategic agreement with SMEC for all-round cooperation in MEMS microphones to realize independent production of chips.
  • Hosted the IEEE International Mobile Gaming Haptic Technology Standards Conference to strengthen cooperation in the gaming ecosystem.
  • Hybrid cameras adopting WLG lenses were massively produced for the first time in the world, ushering smartphones into a new era of imaging experiences.
  • Independently developed the All-Metal Encapsulation (AME) technology for speaker boxes and considerably increased the application and development of true stereo on mobile devices.
  • Produced 70dB high-SNR MEMS microphones domestically for the first time, rated as “Segment Champion of the Manufacturing Industry” by MIIT of China.
  • The shipment of plastic lenses for smartphones exceeded 100 million pieces, proving greater market influence.
  • Launched the RichTap® haptic solution, enabling manufacturers and content providers to offer multi-dimensional and full-scenario haptic experiences.
  • Launched the Super-Linear Structure acoustic platform, setting the pace for the development of acoustic technologies.
Board of Directors
Corporate Compliance
Memorandum of Association
Board Members
Mr. Zhang Hongjiang 「Mr.Zhang」
INED, Chairman of the Board
Appointed to the Board: 1 January 2019
Chairman of Nomination Committee and Member of Audit and Risk Committee and Remuneration Committee
Mr. Pan Benjamin Zhengmin 「Mr. Pan」
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Appointed to the Board: 15 December 2003
Mr. Mok Joe Kuen Richard 「Mr. Mok」
Executive Director & Managing Director
Appointed to the Board: April 2005 as Independent Non-executive Director
Redesignated: 5 October 2009 as Executive Director
Mr. Peng Zhiyuan 「Mr. Peng」
Independent Non-executive Director
Appointed to the Board: 1 January 2019
Chairman of Remuneration Committee and Member of Audit and Risk Committee and Nomination Committee
Mr. Kwok Lam Kwong Larry 「Mr.Kwok」 「SBS」 「JP」
Independent Non-executive Director
Appointed to the Board: 1 February 2018
Chairman of Audit and Risk Committee and Member of Audit and Risk Committee and Nomination Committee
Ms. Wu Ingrid Chun Yuan 「Ms. Wu」
Non-executive Director
Appointed to the Board: 4 December 2003
Board Committees
Audit and Risk Committee
Chairman: Kwok Lam Kwong Larry
Members: Zhang Hongjiang     Peng Zhiyuan
Remuneration Committee
Chairman: Peng Zhiyuan
Members: Zhang Hongjiang     Kwok Lam Kwong Larry
Nomination Committee
Chairman: Zhang Hongjiang
Members: Kwok Lam Kwong Larry     Peng Zhiyuan
Corporate Culture
Our values stem from the words and actions of our employees, who are the company's roots. Our values influence us in everything we do and guide us. They have quietly become part of our daily work, shaping our identity and spirit.
Core Values
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