Acoustic solutions
Enable great sounds everywhere
AAC acoustic solutions derive from our research innovations. Our complete audio system design services, outstanding hardware and algorithm solutions as well as our tuning services are integrated for smart device applications in multiple scenarios. We provide users with an immersive audio experience that radiates pure and vivid sound coupled with a rich spatial experience. In addition, we offer professional audio brand customization services for various devices, along with our brand customization resources and expertise.
Software and hardware solutions
Unique algorithms
Professional tuning team
Audio Brand Customization Services
Hardware Solutions
Acoustic Algorithm Tuning and Integration
System Commissioning
Audio Brand Customization
High-Energy & High-Density Speakers
Entry-Level SLS
Performance Parameters
  • Xmax: 0.4~0.5mm
  • Tmax: 110℃
  • The low-frequency equalizer (EQ) SPL is 3 dB–4 dB higher than the SPS SPL
Technical Features
  • Boosts Xmax through the double-diaphragm structure
  • Devices that require robust low-frequency volume and sound quality such as mid-range and high-end smartphones, laptops, mid-range tablets, and smart glasses
Classic-Level SLS
Performance Parameters
  • Xmax: 0.55~0.8mm
  • Tmax: 120℃
  • The low-frequency EQ SPL is 3 dB–4 dB higher than the entry-level SLS SPL
Technical Features
  • Boosts Xmax through the double-diaphragm structure
  • Increases magnetic energy density thanks to higher magnetic steel content, coil grids, and square coil wires
  • Uses a rubber membrane to boost low-frequency sound quality
  • Reduces size by 40% or manufactures standardized products
  • Devices that require excellent performance, sound quality, and audio experience such as high-end smartphones, high-end tablets, and smart glasses
Master-Level SLS
Performance Parameters
  • Xmax: 0.65mm
  • Tmax: 110℃
  • A 50% size reduction yields the same performance as the Classic SLS, or a 50% performance increase for the same size
Technical Features
  • Separate vibration and magnetic circuit systems enhance performance
  • The new magnetic circuit structure and ultra-narrow folding ring diaphragm drive up performance
  • All-metal 3D bass encapsulation increases the equivalent rear cavity space
  • Devices that require outstanding performance, sound quality, audio experience, and spatial stackup such as flagship smartphones, foldable smartphones, and AR/VR devices
Innovative Coaxial Technology
Back-to-back Laptop Speaker
Performance Parameters
  • Coaxial derivative technology is used to achieve low- and high-frequency extension of the speaker, while significantly reducing the impact of speaker vibration on the device
  • The speaker covers a wide sound range from 200Hz to 14kHz
Technical Features
  • The special bi-directional diaphragm design makes the speaker slimmer and lighter
  • The super linear structure of FPCs minimizes rolling
  • Devices that require high sound volume, such as laptops
Back-to-back Phone Speaker
Performance Parameters
  • Xmax:0.3mm
  • Tmax:110℃
  • AAC's privacy-enhanced calling solution employs back-to-back speaker technology to suppress sound leakage in the low-frequency range. Furthermore, the solution uses algorithms to boost isolation in the mid-frequency range by an average of 10dB, thereby enhancing call privacy
Technical Features
  • The special bi-directional diaphragm design makes the speaker slimmer and lighter
  • The super linear structure of FPCs minimizes rolling
  • Smartphones that require exceptional call privacy
Ultra-Slim Series
Ultra-Slim Series
  • We deliver a whole series of speakers for TVs, including full-range speakers, tweeters, and woofers. Our featured product is an ultra-slim speaker series that is thinner and boosts performance by 2 dB over rival products.
TWS Earphone Drivers
  • We offer a full range of earphone drivers for TWS earphones. Our featured high-excursion, high-sensitivity earphone drivers provide customers with better low-frequency performance while cutting power consumption. The ultra-slim moving-coil earphone driver comes in at just 1.7 mm.
  • High-excursion moving-coil earphone drivers
  • High sensitivity, low power consumption, and increased lifespan
AR&VR Speakers
  • We provide speaker design and manufacturing services for AR&VR.
  • AAC featured super-linear high-excursion speakers:ultra-slim, quality sound across the gamut of frequencies, low power consumption
Smartwatch Speakers
We provide speaker design and manufacturing services for smartwatches.
  • Water resistant (0.5 ATM)
  • Ultra-thin
  • High volume
All-Metal Encapsulation (AME) Technology
Better performance:
improves low-frequency performance, boosts loudness, and increases SPL by over 2.5 dB
cuts cavity space by over 40% compared with classic speaker boxes, making stackup easier
applies ultra-slim all-metal encapsulation to reduce weight by 40%–50% compared with the conventional speaker boxes
Enhanced heat dissipation performance:
cuts the temperature of speaker voice coil by more than 10°C
Acoustic Services
Acoustic System Design
Acoustic equipment design
  • Acoustic structural design and system structural stacking
  • Acoustic system performance simulation
  • Prototype design
Audio algorithm tuning and integration
Including integration of different effects and subsequent maintenance
  • EQ corrective frequency response
  • Dynamic range control
  • Limiter protection
  • Airflow Noise Suppression (ANS)
  • Stereo expander SFR
  • Bass boost VIB
  • Non-linear Correction (NLC)
  • Phase correction Phaco
  • Transient correction TDC
  • Spatial sound effects
Equipment commissioning
  • Tuning by acoustic experts for different scenes and volume
  • Professional testing and certification by AAC and third parties
Acoustic Brand Customization
Audio brand customization/resource integration
  • AAC brand authorization
  • Other industry-leading brand resources
  • Brand customization
  • Mining and packaging of product selling points
  • Creative design
  • Marketing resources
  • Development of Product promotion plans
Use Cases
Our acoustic solutions fit a wide array of smart devices, offering customers an all-round package that covers various use cases and delivering an immersive stereo experience for users.
TWS Earphones
Intelligent Vehicles
Cooperation Cases
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