Optical solutions
Vertically integrated professional optical solutions
AAC optical solutions are among the few in the industry that vertically integrate optical lenses, camera modules, and optical actuators. For our customers, that translates as high volumes of consumer-grade, high-precision, and miniaturized optical components, as well as flexible and full-stack solutions.
Full-stack solutions
Vertical integration of three elements
High-volume delivery
Optical Lenses
Camera Modules
Optical Algorithms
Our proprietary wafer-level aspheric glass (WLG) surpasses legacy limits that have held back plastic injection molding for optical camera modules in smartphones – our glass injects superior optical performance into a lighter optical system.
Glass-Plastic Hybrid Lenses
  • Wafer-level glass-plastic hybrid lens technology
  • 1G5P/1G6P/1G7P/2G6P and other glass-plastic hybrid lenses
  • Multi-layer anti-reflection coating ramps up image quality
  • Easily handles environments that are compromised by complex or dark light and glare
  • Ultra-precision processing technology delivers pin-sharp performance
  • Widely adopted in Xiaomi and Sony models
WLG Hybrid Lens Strengths
A larger aperture
boosts light reaching the sensor by 15%–20%
The 1G5P hybrid lens enables a larger aperture, boasting an impressive F1.65. Compared with the 6P plastic lens that maxes out at F1.75, it lets 15% more light reach the sensor. In practice, that means pro-level photos. And the hybrid lens comes into its own in low-light environments, keeping image quality crisp and clean.
A thinner lens
makes for a slimmer phone
A 1G6P hybrid lens glass lens cuts the total track length (TTL) to 6.2 mm, a significant 0.5 mm improvement over the 7P plastic lens, which comes in at 6.7 mm.
A higher resolution
brings sharper images with true colors
Leveling up from plastic lenses, hybrid lenses build better marginal image quality with superior resolution and true colors.
Greater stability
provides superb thermal stability for all environments
Between -40°C and 80°C, the variation in focal and back focal lengths using WLG hybrid lenses is less than 50 um.
Plastic Lenses
  • 2 to 200 megapixels; 3 to 8P lens counts
  • Supports dual-camera and multi-camera solutions
  • Our vertically integrated model guarantees an 8-week sample cycle for new projects
Use Cases
AAC provides an array of multi-field, diversified, and customized solutions that integrate hardware, design, and algorithms to make images sharp and vivid.
Intelligent Vehicles
Industrial Equipment
Action Cameras
Cooperation Cases
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