Smart laptop solutions
Reshaping mobile office and audiovisual experiences
AAC | Reshaping mobile office and audiovisual experiences
AAC brings a new experience of mobile office and audiovisual entertainment for laptop users. Overturning yesterday’s experience and powering up convenience, our diverse products and technologies bring users state-of-the-art tools for production and audiovisual entertainment.
Sound Playback System
Tweeter unit
Back-to-back bass unit
Covers a wide sound range from 200 Hz to 14 kHz
Original NLC algorithm
ANS airflow noise suppression
Haptic System
High-quality linear actuator
Algorithm tuning
Simple structure
Ultra-slim design
Consistent hand feel
Sound Pickup System
High SNR microphones
Far-field sound pickup
Ultra-thin edge
Image Capture System
HD optical lenses and modules
HD visual experience
Smart laptop solutions
Sound Playback System
High-performance linear speakers deliver an auditory carnival when you are listening to music, watching movies, and playing games.
Cooperation Cases
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