Precision manufacturing
Stronger, lighter, faster
AAC precision manufacturing boasts nearly a decade of R&D and implementation experience and has established a team of experienced professionals in mechanics, cooling, and antennas and wireless charging. Our aim is to provide sophisticated structures for smart device casing and a great experience for users. Thus, we continuously invest in the development of fundamental technology platforms for design, simulation, materials, and processes, boost tooling and equipment machining capabilities, and facilitate automated production.
Design for manufacturing
Mass production
Refined quality management
Antennas and Wireless Charging
The increasing number of components in smart devices imposes a higher requirement on structural design and precision. We combine product lines of acoustics, optics, haptics, antennas, and mechanics onto a metal frame platform to enable more precise spatial design and manufacturing process. Therefore, we can provide customized solutions for a wide range of smart devices.
Integrated Solutions
  • Develop solutions in close collaboration with customers
  • Combine antennas, acoustics and haptics for integrated design and manufacturing
  • Independently design and manufacture hinges for an optimal connection
Material Development
  • Develop composite metals
  • Develop consumables and reagents
Process Technology Platform
  • Reference design
  • Customized process technologies
  • Precision manufacturing and processing technologies
  • Automated machining
  • Automated measurement
  • Automated logistics
Competitive Advantages
Product Assessment
Our multi-field and diversified design platform enables design and development to meet market needs and varied product features.
We simulate the machining process based on the product development requirements and provide tailored solutions in combination with design simulation data.
Product Design
We develop process technologies and flows based on product features.
Pilot Development
We can conduct pilot development of specified products and verify their feasibility for optimal design and development.
Mass Production
We can rapidly ramp up production and enter the stage of mass production. Our quality management system provides real-time feedback that facilitates smart manufacturing.
Product Description
Mechanics for Phones
Technical Parameters
  • Bar phone: 6- and 7-series aluminum + full CNC + stamping/forging + NMT
  • Foldable phone (top and bottom, left and right): 6- and 7-series aluminum + full CNC + NMT
Product Advantages
  • An integrated solution covering the main and sub frames as well as the hinge cover
  • Excellent dimensional stability: Battery compartment flatness < 0.18mm
  • Aluminum-plastic bonding force > 1,500N
  • IPX8 waterproof rating, single process yield > 98.5%
Mechanics for Wearables
Technical Parameters
  • Watch case
  • 7-series aluminum + full CNC + multi-color + NMT
  • Stainless steel + forging + CNC + NMT
  • Titanium + forging + CNC
Product Advantages
  • Tailored for slim devices
  • Mature stainless steel NMT technology and strong metal-plastic bonding
  • Highly automated polishing, single process yield > 98%
Mechanics for Tablets
Technical Parameters
  • Back panel: 6/7-series aluminum + CNC + stamping/forging + NMT
  • Metal frame: 6/7-series aluminum + CNC + NMT + composites
Product Advantages
  • Lightweight and flexible structural design
  • Tailored for slim devices
  • Automatically bonded composites, single process yield 100%
Mechanics for Laptops
Technical Parameters
  • Part A: Aluminum + stamping + CNC
  • Part A: Aluminum + stamping + CNC
  • Part A: Aluminum + full CNC machining
  • Part C: Aluminum + CNC + stamping
  • Part C: Aluminum + full CNC machining
Product Advantages
  • Outstanding metallic finish
Use Cases
Bar Phones
Foldable Phones
TWS Earphones
Cooperation Cases
No data