Tablet solutions
Empowering creativity for true innovation
AAC | Empowering creativity for true innovation
Our technologies allow the tablets to be capable, intuitive and creative by equipping them with a more immersive audiovisual experience, finer touch-control sensing, and more precise mechanics design.
Sound Playback System
Master-level speaker
Dual-core eight speakers
Deep bass limit
High treble extension
Haptic System
High-quality linear actuator
Algorithm tuning
Dual actuator
Stereo vibration
Sound Pickup System
High SNR microphones
Stereo sound pickup
High-performance noise reduction
Image Capture System
Ultra-wide-angle glass-plastic hybrid lens module
HD visual experience
Internal and External Structural System
Robust aerospace-grade aluminum casings
Bead-blasted finishes
Large-surface efficient cooling system
Tablet solutions
Sound Playback System
The dual-core eight-speaker solution assigns dedicated sound-generating units to mid-frequency, bass, and treble to drop the bass limit deeper and raise the treble extension higher.
Cooperation Cases
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