Benefit from mutual cooperation
Become an AAC supplier
Transparent Procurement Value
Transparent Procurement Principles
Registration of Potential Suppliers
Complaints and Feedback
Transparent Procurement Value
Strategic Win-Win Cooperation
To ensure continued product leadership, AAC encourages all parties across the industrial chain to get involved in the early stages of product research and development.
  • Build long-term and stable partnerships
  • Ensure competitive and sustainable development
  • Share benefits and jointly boost the industry environment
Digital Collaboration with Suppliers
Build a time-efficient, agile, and reliable procurement collaboration system.
  • Secure information throughout the business process
  • Digitally streamline the process
  • Improve business efficiency and reduce costs
Open and Transparent Procurement
Integrate CSR into our quality-first strategy and encourage suppliers to keep improving while ensuring outstanding quality at great prices.
  • Robust internal audit and supervision systems and policies
  • Full-scale control of business risks in procurement
  • Collaborative identification and management of CSR risks across the supply chain
Transparent Procurement Principles
Build a strategic, valuable, transparent, and scientific procurement system alongside a secure, reliable, and healthy industrial chain that includes competitive advantages.
Eliminating Affiliated Transactions
Suppliers shall declare whether they are affiliated AAC suppliers. An affiliated supplier is defined as one in which:
1. an incumbent AAC employee has directly invested in the supplier,
2. an incumbent AAC employee holds a part-time position with the supplier,
3. an incumbent AAC employee has an immediate family member who has invested in the supplier,
4. an incumbent AAC employee has a relative who works for the supplier,
5. a former AAC employee has a direct or indirect investment in the supplier or has a relative who works for the supplier.
Other Requirements
1. Orders placed by AAC shall not be subcontracted without AAC's permission. Production without an order will not be accepted.
2. AAC will not in any way designate secondary suppliers.
3. Suppliers shall not in any way offer bribes to AAC staff.
4. Suppliers shall not promote materials that are not suitable for industry development.
5. Suppliers are required to guarantee that they do not engage in fraudulent activities.
Supplier Registration
Build a fair, equitable, and open procurement environment.
Sign the required agreements
Select your business scope
Fill in the company's basic information
Provide the company's business information
Provide business contact information
Complete registration
Complaints and Feedback
AAC Group advocates transparent procurement. Suppliers that cooperate with AAC Group shall strictly comply with the Group's procurement management policies to help build a corruption-free, fair, and equitable business environment.