Sensor and semiconductor
Vast and varied, small yet powerful
Sensor and semiconductor technology solutions provide sustained competitive services for consumer electronics, automotive, smart wearables, robotics, IoT, and other domains, delivering a premium consumer experience. We are well-versed in MEMS and ASIC chips design, packaging, and testing. The entire production process has been localized to ensure the security of product development and capacity supply.
Localization of all production processes
Independent R&D capabilities
Applicable to multiple fields
MEMS Microphones
Barometric Pressure Sensors
Airflow Sensors
RF Front-End Devices
MEMS Speakers
Inertial Sensors
AAC is a world-leading MEMS microphone supplier that delivers high-performance and cost-effective products with reliable quality and supply. We have mastered cutting-edge acoustic technologies and full-fledged packaging processes, developed MEMS and ASIC chips in-house, and acquired rich experience in mass production, underpinned by strategic collaboration with core suppliers.
AAC's MEMS microphones feature small size, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), low total harmonic distortion (THD), flat frequency response, low cut-off frequency, and high sensitivity and phase uniformity between individual units. These qualities provide a superior audio experience in consumer electronics, industrial, and other applications. We also offer high-performance MEMS microphones for harsh automotive environments. Applying AAC's leading design and packaging technologies, these microphones are certified by the AEC Q103-003 automotive quality standard, ensuring superior and reliable voice services in and out of vehicles.
Product Description
MEMS Microphones
Smart Microphones
Microphones Modules
Barometric Pressure and Microphone Combo Sensors
Automotive Microphones
AAC offers high-performance MEMS microphones in small size with analog or PDM outputs, delivering a wide range of high-quality voice services and an outstanding experience for customers.
  • High performance, low power consumption
  • Small size and low vibration sensitivity
  • High temperature resistance, can be reflow soldered
  • Consistent performance over lifetime
  • High resistance to RF noise
  • Uniformity from part to part in frequency response
  • Low vibration sensitivity and excellent reliability
Use Cases
  • Voice calls
  • Voice recognition, voice commands
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC)
  • Emergency calls
  • Voice activity detection
  • Ultrasound detection, gesture recognition, and so on
Product overview:
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