Celebrating AAC's High Precision Camera Module Project Launch in Shenzhen

Release time:06:06:31,December 20,2019

In the afternoon of 18th December 2019, the grand opening ceremony of "2019 Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference" was held by Municipal Government of Shenzhen and joined by more than 600 leading enterprises and guests from around the world. AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (“AAC”) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shenzhen Pingshan District Government during the conference, and plans to invest as much as 7 billion yuan on R&D and manufacturing of precision camera modules in Pingshan.


In June this year, Mr. Wang Weizhong, the secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, made a special visit to AAC's Optical R&D Center in Finland and made a keynote that AAC should root in Shenzhen and eye on global. While promoting innovation by in-house and collaboration with an open mind, AAC should also take the lead in economic and technology arenas by actively and innovatively integrating and exploiting resources from all over the world.

AAC’s project launch of R&D and manufacturing project of precision camera module is a solid demonstration in accordance to Mr. Wang’s keynote, and should enable AAC to seize the unprecedented opportunities from the ‘twin turbos’ on Shenzhen, driven by its role in both Greater Bay Area development and in China-characterized socialism pilot zone development.

The project would involve building a high-end smart manufacturing industrial park catering to the global market, with a focus on core components such as precision optical modules, 5G antennas, smart voice ID sensors, and electromagnetic drives. The production value of 50 billion yuan per annum is expected upon full completion and operation.

As a leading global precision manufacturing company, AAC has a leading market share worldwide in the areas including miniaturized acoustics and haptics. AAC has been awarded as one of the ten “Model Enterprise of Industry-Project-Championship” for two years in a row, by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”), boasting the exclusive mass-production technology of WLG (wafer-level glass) lenses. Its market share in optics is growing and ranks among top 3 globally. AAC’s industrial layout plan, once being carried out in Shenzhen, will facilitate the city’s role model as the global hub of acoustics, optics, and haptics, contributing to the development of its high-end manufacturing as well as the construction of demonstration pilot zone and  the Greater Bay Area.

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