"AAC Acoustic Holdings Inc." has changed to "AAC Technologies Holdings Inc."   

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Reduction in Trading Board Lot Size

(8 June, 2012 – Hong Kong) – AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. ("AAC Technologies" or the "Company", HKEx: 02018), a world leading miniature technologies components solution provider, announced today that the board lot size of Company's shares for trading on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "Shares") will be reduced from 2,000 Shares to 500 Shares with effect from 9 July 2012.

To effect the transition, there will be parallel trading in board lots of 500 Shares each and board lots of 2,000 Shares each during the expected timetable of 9 July 2012 to 27 July 2012 (both days inclusive). As no odd board lot size of the Shares will be created by the change, no odd lot arrangement will be made.

The change in board lot size will reduce the board lot value. The Company is of the view that the reduction in board lot size may improve the liquidity of the Company's shares and broaden its shareholder base. This exercise will not affect any rights of the shareholders of the Company.

 For further details, Please refer to the Company's announcement posted on www.hkexnews.hk or www.aactechnologies.com