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Acoustic Engineer

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Code: SID004
Posted On: 03/07/2012
Department: Industrial Design
Location: Changzhou
Position Limit: Non-Graduates
Job Description:

We are looking for an Acoustics Engineer who will directly responsible for evaluation, test and optimization, and validation of voice and audio based portable consumer devices. Responsibilities include objective and subjective audio algorithm evaluation and validation, data analysis and competitive benchmarking. This role works hand in hand with Engineering Design and Manufacturing Teams.

Preferred Skills:

Job requirements

  1. Develop, optimize and debug acoustic products for the consumer market
  2. Define test programs for support of engineering prototyping and debug for research in acoustics
  3. Apply acoustic analytical techniques in order to determine noise suppression/cancellation results and adequacy to meet regulatory/specified requirements.
  4. Improving lab test capabilities by specifying and acquiring new test equipment and/or test methods, documenting test procedures, and correlating various acoustic test lab results.
  5. Define, design and debug associated hardware platforms for support of engineering prototypes and demonstrations.
  6. Perform objective and subjective audio algorithm evaluation and validation, data analysis and competitive benchmarking.
  7. Applying robust acoustic analytical techniques to optimize the signal processing results and determine adequacy to meet regulatory and specific customer requirements.
  8. Participate in reviews of designs, implementations, or documentation prepared by others or self.
  9. As required, work and coordinate with vendors to develop microphones, earpiece receivers, and micro-loudspeakers for use in mobile handsets.

Required Skills

  1. BSEE degree with 3-5 years experience in acoustics for consumer electronics.
  2. Knowledge of signal processing and turning for increased acoustic algorithm performance.
  3. Prior experience in psychoacoustics, voice intelligibility. noise suppression, echo cancellation, or adaptive filter systems.
  4. Advanced setup techniques with automating instruments and components used in acoustic and measurements such as HATS, PULSE, ACQUA, CMU200, Audio Precision, Sound Check, Adobe Audition, etc.
  5. Industry knowledge in the field of acoustic theory and best practices.
  6. Experience with subjective acoustic performance and objective acoustic/audio analysis, such as PEAQ(Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Standards) and PESQ ((Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) standards or other quantitative MOS systems.
  7. Hands-on experience conducting audio and acoustic data measurement, data analysis, manipulation and summary.
  8. Experience with subjective acoustic performance and objective acoustic/audio analysis.
  9. Must be a self-starter and highly motivated.
  10. Excellence communication and presentation skills required, both written & verbal.

Skills recognized as a plus

  1. Understands the technical details of various transducers and the associated applications.
  2. Experience programming in MatLab.
  3. Experience making near field & far field microphone and speaker measurements.
  4. Experience with databases such as SQL.
  5. Knowledge of wireless communication systems(GSM, UMTS(3G), WIFI, VOIP)