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Senior Acoustic Engineer

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Code: SID003
Posted On: 03/07/2012
Department: Industrial Design
Location: Changzhou
Position Limit: Non-Graduates
Job Description:

As an acoustics engineer, you will work with interdisciplinary development teams, taking an active leadership role in designing world class audio products. You will use your rich technical knowledge, your deep understanding of the underlying physics, your extensive experience in acoustic product development, and your critical listening skills to conceive, design, prototype, develop, and deliver outstanding products that wow and delight our customers. You will also help setting milestones, budgets and schedules for your projects and for other projects inside the development team. As a senior level contributor your ideals, concepts. and assessments will directly influence your roadmaps and strategies of our business segments.

Preferred Skills:

Job requirements

  1. Translate product requirements into acoustic design options.
  2. Select, specify, and evaluate transducers as necessary.
  3. Evaluate design options through comprehensive computer modeling and extensive measurements and critical listening on physical prototypes. Engage support groups as necessary.
  4. Closely co-operate with mechanical, systems, and DSP engineers to select the best design for the product.
  5. Develop production ready design and maintain highest performance throughout the development cycle.
  6. Support manufacturing startup and continuous engineering.
  7. Provide input to marketing in setting product requirements for new products.
  8. Ensure the highest level of sound quality of the product.
  9. Plan development schedules & milestones.

Required Skills

  1. Proven track record of designing high quality audio products.
  2. Methodical and scientific approach to any technical problem.
  3. Fluent in at least one acoustic computer modeling tool(e.g. Pspice, FEA, WinlSD, etc).
  4. Fluent in at least one computer based acoustic measurement system (Audio Precision, MLSSA, Smaart, etc.).
  5. Experience in program management (MS Project, etc).
  6. Excellent verbal & written communication skills, comfortable with reading and writing detailed technical specifications.
  7. Passion for sound quality.
  8. Critical listening skills, experience with formal listening experiments.
  9. Willingness to innovate and stretch the envelope of the current state of the art.

Preferred Skills

  1. Experience in working with off-shore manufacturing & vendors.
  2. Non-linear modeling, measurement and analysis.
  3. MATLAB.
  4. Knowledge of audio Digital Signal Processing.
  5. Knowledge of electronic amplifier design, behavior and constraints.
  6. Active musician.
  7. 5+ years of direct product development experience.


  1. B.S. in an appropriate technical discipline (Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, or Physicist, MS, Ph.D. preferred.)